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TA Notifications

TA notifications is an extension of TA strategies that allows you to create arbitrarily complex notifications. The notifications are pushed to your phone, browser and email in real-time, allowing you to act on them immediately. If you haven't read about TA strategies yet, make sure to check out our introduction.

Once you know how to create TA strategies, creating a TA notification becomes easy. Simply create a TA strategy that reflects your desired notification logic, and put it in Manual Trading Mode. Once the strategy is triggered, you will be notified through the following channels:

  1. Email
  2. Phone (Mushino App)
  3. Browser (Mushino Web)

A notification consisting of several rules might look like this:

(MACD crosses above MACD signal) and (RSI below 40)

You can have up to 50 active notifications at any time. Notifications can be paused or disabled by de-activating the associated strategy.

Notifications are managed in the Strategy Overview.

Service Detail


  • Create arbitrarily complex notifications, based on 1,000,000+ indicator and time interval combinations
  • Get notified in real-time via Web, Mobile and Email
  • Have up to 50 notifications active at any time
  • No coding skills required - all notifications can be created directly from the trading interface
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