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Mushino TA Strategies is a completely new to way to trade. Instead of placing an order, you place a strategy.

The strategy places an order for you, automatically, when any of your chosen conditions are met.

Unlike trading bots, strategies don't require any coding skills to create. You can create one in 3 clicks, using the English language. You literally just say:

"Go long when the MACD crosses above the MACD signal line, while the RSI is below 30 and the ADX is above 20."

Then the strategy will automatically submit a Buy order on your behalf, when your chosen conditions are met. Once your order is submitted, it takes less than 5 milliseconds for it to reach the Mushino matching engine. This makes strategy-based trading much faster than manual trading (the latter depends on network latency and reaction speed - the former does not).

Manual Trading Mode

If you don't want the strategy to trade for you automatically, you can put it in Manual Trading Mode. In Manual Trading Mode, the strategy won't submit any orders - it will only notify you that your conditions have been met. It is then up to you to place the actual order, and follow through on the strategy. The notifications are transmitted to you via your browser (make sure to keep a tab with mushino.com open), via phone (if you have the Mushino App installed), and via email.

Creating Strategies

Strategies are completely integrated into the Mushino trading interface. Creating a strategy is just like placing an order - except that you don't just specify a quantity and price - you also specify a set of conditions that need to be true.

Click the OR button at the top right corner of an indicator to add it to a strategy:

Service Detail

Once added, the strategy will appear at the bottom of the screen. The strategy is visualized as cards. There is a card for every indicator and rule that you add to the strategy:

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Notice that there are also cards for Stop Loss and Take Profit. Click these cards to add a Stop Loss or Take Profit to your strategy. Once you are ready to submit the strategy, click the Submit card. You will be asked to confirm your choice:

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If the strategy is in Automatic Trading Mode, you will also be asked to specify an Order Quantity (e.g. 1000 USD) and, optionally, a Limit Price for the order.

Once your strategy has been confirmed, it will appear in your Strategies overview. You can modify or cancel it any time.

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Creating Complex Strategies

To create complex strategies, you can chain rules together. Up to 20 rules can be combined into a single strategy. Mushino supports the following conditional operators:

  1. Above
  2. Below
  3. Crosses Above
  4. Crosses Below
  5. Equals

You can chain rules together using the following operators:

  1. And
  2. Or

Visually, a rule looks like this:

MACD crosses above MACD signal

A strategy consisting of several rules might look like this:

(MACD crosses above MACD signal) and (RSI below 40)

Notice the use of parentheses to separate each rule and make the strategy more readable.

Source and Target

Each rule has a source and a target. The source is the indicator that you use as the source for your comparison. The target is the indicator that you compare with the source.

In the example above, the MACD indicator is your source, and the MACD signal line is your target.

By default, the MACD indicator will be compared against the MACD signal line, at the most recent candle. To compare it against the MACD signal at a different candle, use a Candle Offset. The candle for the MACD signal will then be the candle at:

Most Recent Candle - Candle Offset

If the Candle Offset is 10, it will be the candle that was generated 10 time periods ago.

You may also use a Value Offset. In that case, the value to be compared against will be:

MACD Signal + Value Offset

Execution Modes

Strategies have two different execution modes: Exec and Close. Strategies in Exec mode will place a new order on your behalf, once triggered. You can specify the details of the order when you create the strategy.

Strategies in Close mode will close your position, once triggered.

You may combine an Exec strategy with a Close strategy to open and close positions automatically.

You may also attach a Stop Loss and Take Profit to any strategy. Those can be specified when you create the strategy.

Inactive vs Active Strategies

Strategies can be either active or inactive. Inactive strategies are considered dormant, and will under no circumstances be triggered.

You can make any of your strategies inactive, at any time.

By default, strategies are made inactive once they have been triggered. This is to ensure that you don't go long twice, should the strategy be triggered again.

If you want your triggered strategies to stay active, you may specify a delay. Triggered strategies will be automatically re-activated once this delay has passed.

Strategy Cards

The following special strategy cards available:

  1. Stop Loss Card: Add a Stop Loss to the strategy

  2. Take Profit Card: Add a Take Profit to the strategy

  3. Exec Mode Card: This card specifies whether the strategy should place a new order, or close any active positions.

  4. Delay Card: Whether the strategy should reactivate, once triggered.

  5. Name Card: Give the strategy a custom name.

  6. Trading Mode Card: Whether the strategy should be in Automatic Trading Mode or Manual Trading Mode.

  7. Submit Card: Click on this card when you are ready to submit the strategy.

    1. Conclusion

      TA Strategies are a completely new way to trade. Instead of placing orders, you place strategies. The strategies then place orders on your behalf, automatically.

      TA Strategies are created from a set of indicator conditions. The conditions can be chained together, to create arbitrarily complex strategies.

      TA Strategies in Manual Trading Mode act as complex notifications. They will automatically notify you when the conditions that you have specified take place.

      Why use TA strategies?

      • Create automated strategies just like you place an order
      • No coding skills required - no servers required
      • Ultimate speed - orders reach the matching engine in less than 5ms
      • Ability to chain up to 20 rules together, leveraging more than 1,000,000 indicator and time interval combinations
      • Ability to put the strategy in Manual Trading Mode and have it act like a notification
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