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Widgets For All Of Your Favorite Indicators

Mushino's Indicator Widgets enable you to track up to 6 technical indicators at once. Updates are pushed to you in real-time, with sub-second granularity.

Each Indicator Widget has a specific technical indicator tied to it. This might be the 5m 10-period RSI, or the 30m 14-period SMA. A real-time chart shows you the most recent development of the indicator.

When an indicator enters a bullish state, the Indicator Widget automatically turns green. When it enters a bearish state, the Indicator Widget turns red.

To plot an indicator on the main Tradingview chart, simply click the small Chart icon in the top left corner of the Indicator Widget.

The Indicator Widgets are fully customizable. You can drag them around the screen, as you please. Selecting a new indicator for a given widget is easy. You just click on the widget, and a dialog will open. The dialog will let you switch to any of the other 50+ supported technical indicators.

Indicator Widgets are also used to create TA strategies and TA notifications.

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  • Get sub-second updates for your favorite indicators
  • Make the indicators an integrated part of the trading interface
  • View a separate chart for each indicator
  • Know immediately when an indicator turns bullish or bearish
  • Fully customizable - 50+ technical indicators supported
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